Enrich Your Relationship with a Couple’s Massage

couples massageLooking for a way to fire up your romance?  A couple’s massage is just the thing to fan the flames. You and your partner can spend an hour of bliss relaxing and letting go of the stresses from everyday life.  A candlelit room with soft music playing in the background sets the tone for your couple’s massage.

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Fair-Colored Hair? Why IPL Laser Hair Removal Is for You

IPL LaserAt Pure Reflection Spa, we offer the Intense Pulsed Light or IPL laser treatment that is not limited by the pigment of your hair or skin.  If you have had difficulty in the past finding laser treatments that will work on you, come try the IPL laser.  It even works on the lightest of hair colors and has been proven to be more successful in hair removal than other laser treatments.

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How a Prenatal Massage Can Prepare You for Labor

If you are pregnant, you are going through a lot of change when it comes to your body. Labor and delivery will bring a whole new set of changes, and then your baby will be here: a new life to provide for and love! With this great experience, you are probably trying to prepare yourself for things to come and taking care of your body and your baby. A prenatal massage can help you during your pregnancy—not only with the aches and pains that naturally accompany this special time, but also in preparation for the big day when your baby will arrive.

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